Rebecca Tripp - Sports Massage Therapist, Exeter, Devon - Sports & Pregnancy Massage - Optimise your health
Sports & Deep Tissue MassageSports Massage is a deep tissue massage which will stimulate the muscular and nervous systems, restore muscle balance and release muscle tension.  Sports massage manages stress, prevents and treats injury, optimises performance and improves circulation and lymphatic flow.
For sports performers it can be used to enhance pre-event preparation and warm up and offers assistance during and after an event or match to aid recovery.
Sports and Deep Tissue  MassageTo receive a sports and deep tissue massage you do not necessarily have to be a sporty person!  It can deal with many day to day problems and injuries such as postural pain from office work and a range of muscular conditions through sport and other types of work and can help a wide range of people of all ages.
Sports, Pregnancy and Baby Massage
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